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What is 11+?


The 11+ is a test (Common Entrance Exam) taken by pupils in the autumn or spring term of Year 6 pupils. It’s a way of selecting who’s academically suited to attend a grammar school or selective schools for Year 7 onwards, and is sometimes also known as the ‘Transfer Test’.


What type of questions are there on an 11+ paper?


The11+ papers are closely linked to the national curriculum. The questions are usually set at the old level 4 to 5 standard; the level typically achieved by an average to above average child in Key Stage 2 SATs (In September 2014 national curriculum levels in English schools were replaced by a new grading system), although there are extension questions to stretch the most able pupils.’


The tests are taken over two days:


Day one: pupils sit English comprehension (45 minutes) and maths (one hour)

Day two: pupils take English creative writing (45 minutes) and science (one hour)


Facts about the 11+ exam:


  1. The 11+ exam isn't covered in the national curriculum
  2. There are no 11+ coaching at schools
  3. The pass mark changes every year
  4. SEN children can be entitled to additional help
  5. Although the dictating factor is the exam, but passing the 11+ exam does not guarantee grammar school place
  6. If your child didn’t qualify for a grammar school under the 11+, and you truly believe they’re suited to that kind of school, there could be an option to take the 12+ (also known as the ‘Late Transfer Test’).


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