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At GCSE level students are taught the Sciences as separate subjects:


Biology is the science of living organisms (including animals, plants, fungi and microorganisms) and their interactions with each other and the environment.


Depending on whether they study Core (single), Additional (double), or Triple (separate) Science, at Platinum Tuition we will help your child to develop a broad base of knowledge, understanding and skills for each subject of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.


Our tutors are highly qualified in each one of the subject disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics and they have years of experience of teaching the topics and the techniques required for understanding Science deeply and passing the GCSE Science exam successfully with high grades. “


The subject contents for GCSE Biology are outline below:

  • Cells and organization

  • The skeletal and muscular systems

  • Nutrition and digestion

  • Gas exchange systems

  • Reproduction

  • Health

  • Photosynthesis

  • Cellular respiration

  • Relationships in an ecosystem

  • Inheritance, chromosomes, DNA and genes

  • Cell biology

  • Transport systems

  • Health, disease and the development of medicines

  • Coordination and control

  • Photosynthesis

  • Ecosystems

  • Evolution, inheritance and variation



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