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"Our maths tutors are highly qualified mathematicians with strong mathematical knowlege and teaching skills"



Maths is a critical subject when it comes to applying to university. Top universities always require high grades in A level maths. At platinum maths tuition we provide high quality teaching for all A level students and cover all exam boards.


During the tutoring sessions you will focus thoroughly on each topic. You will then practise different ways of approaching a questions with different techniques. You will be tested on the topics covered in the tutoring sessions and be given constructive feedback on your tests.


You will then be practising exam questions for each topic and the solutions will be clearly explained to you. Essential hints and techniques will be taught by our highly skilled tutors. 


We cover all exam boards (EdexcelAQA, OCR) at A-level Maths.


Our current A-level Maths/Further Maths students have improved their achievement by 90% through our tutoring service.


AS and A level mathematics specifications must build on the skills, knowledge and understanding set out in the whole GCSE subject content for mathematics for first teaching from 2015. 



AS Level Mathematics:


All AS maths students will do C1 and C2 and one of S1, M1 and D1
For potential biology students, the strong recommendation is to choose the S1 option.


For potential physics or engineering students, the strong recommendation is to choose M1.



A-level Mathematics:


For a full A-level in maths students will have done C1-C4 and two of S1, D1, M1, S2, D2, M2


Where there is a choice, potential biologists would be strongly recommended to choose S1 and S2. Physicists and engineers should choose M1 and M2.


All the topics covered in a full A-level Pure Mathematics can be found here .


We provide tuition for all A-level Maths modules.



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