Independent School Interview


"Our expert interviewers will prepare your child and boost their confidence for their interview"


After passing the 11 Plus exam, your child may be asked to attend an interview at their independent school of choice.


Securing an independent school interview doesn’t guarantee entry and so you’ll need to take the time to help your child prepare. 



The purpose of The Interview:


The school wants to asses if your child is a suitable match for them. They want to know that your child will fit in academically and socially and displays the types of behaviours that the school expects from its pupils.


They also want to know that your child is committed to studying and participating in extra-curricular activities. Similarly, the school needs to know that it’s able to provide your child with the education they need and provide them with support throughout their school career.



Some Interview Questions:


  • Why are you interested in our school?

  • Tell me about your current school

  • Tell me about a current event that interests you

  • What do you like to read outside of school?

  • What hobbies or interests do you have outside of school?



Some Interview Tips:


  • Get a Good Night's Sleep

  • Don’t Worry About Nerves

  • Dress Appropriately

  • Arrive in Plenty of Time

  • Remove All Distractions Beforehand

  • Encourage Your Child to be Honest