Pisa: China finishes below UK in reading

Shanghai topped the international rankings in reading in Pisa 2012. But with Beijing, Jiangsu and Guangdong included with Shanghai this year, mainland China has now dropped to 27th place in the Pisa reading table, five places below the UK.


China has lost its place as the seemingly unassailable star of world education, the latest Pisa results released this morning reveal.


Shanghai, as mainland China’s representative, had finished top in all three subject areas in both the previous two Pisa (Programme for International Student Assessment) studies in 2012 and 2009.


But in the latest 2015 study - with the addition of Beijing, Jiangsu, and Guangdong - the mainland Chinese entry saw all scores from the test for 15 year-olds drop and its ranking fall to 10th in science, sixth in maths, and 27th in reading – below the UK, which finished 22nd.


The results may be a surprise for some academics who last month suggested that there was no reason to expect that the performance of the new Chinese provinces would be anything less than impressive.


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