Michael Gove: 'Too early to say if everything I did as education secretary was right'

Former education secretary also challenged on pupils' anxiety over high levels of homework.


Michael Gove has said he does not yet know if everything he did during his controversial four year period as education secretary was right.


The former education secretary was speaking during an hour-long profile on the Fern Britton Meets…programme on BBC1 this morning.


It comes two weeks after he admitted making “many” mistakes in government.


Asked why he thought he was sacked as education secretary in 2014, he said: “I think ultimately I got involved in too many arguments. As to whether or not everything I did was right, it’s still, for me, too soon to make that judgement.


“I’m really heartened by the fact that there are people who are, I think, objective about it who think that education improved over those four years.”


His wife, journalist Sarah Vine, told the programme about her anger after David Cameron demoted him to chief whip.


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