New grammar schools should replace the 11-plus with trial lessons and workshops, says academy leader

The chief executive of Core Education Trust hails the example of aptitude assessments used by the selective Brit School for Performing Arts.


Workshops or trial lessons at different ages should be used instead of the 11-plus to select pupils for a new kind of grammar school, an influential academy leader has claimed.


Adrian Packer, chief executive of Core Education Trust, which took over schools in Birmingham following the “Trojan horse” scandal, was previously a senior artistic director at the selective Brit School for Performing Arts and Technology in London, whose former pupils include Amy Winehouse (pictured) and Adele.


Writing in The Times today, he said that the Brit School’s aptitude assessment, used for selection instead of pure academic ability in a test, is a more inclusive approach. He argued that a child's success wasn't being "defined by whether they have passed or failed a once-in-a-lifetime test”.


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