Top academic: ‘Asking universities to run schools is as silly as asking schools to run universities’

The provost of the University of Leicester struggles to understand the argument behind forcing 108 HE institutions to sponsor a secondary.


Imagine you’re the headteacher of a large comprehensive that has just been rated outstanding.  The government says: “Well done. Now we want you to open a university”.  You have very good links with several universities and value their input, but do you want to actually run one?


Probably not.  It’s not the job of a school to run a university any more than it is the job of a university to run a school.  But what if your school and its students  will lose money if you don’t comply?  You would look for the best managers you could find to do the job for you.  As the main sponsor, however, you would have to commit time and resources to your university, so what will happen to the relationships you have built up over the years with other universities?


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