'One of my great hopes for 2017 is that the education secretary and her closest advisers each experience a week in a school'

That our teachers grow in confidence and the current cohort of students aren't disadvantaged by the deluge of change, are among the hopes of the chair of Whole Education for schools in 2017.


Happy New Year! Surely 2017 must be better than 2016, with its Trump victory, Brexit vote, daily pictures of human disaster in Syria, and a massive refugee crisis, all of which make the non-sequiturs of the grammar schools white paper pale into insignificance by comparison. Although, the consequences will be far from insignificant for young people in areas where selection is extended.


2016 had a bright side too: Tim Peake engaging young people in science during his space flight; amazing achievements in the Olympics and Paralympics; Sadiq Khan winning over an opponent’s nasty campaign to become London mayor; Andy Murray; Michelle Obama; Leicester City winning the football league; and Ed Balls dancing.


So 2017 can be approached with the optimism characteristic of teachers


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