China school allows students to 'borrow' marks to reduce stress of failing in exams

The marks bank operates like a real bank with defaulters getting 'blacklisted' and charged 'interest'.


A high school in China is reported to have come up with a novel scheme by introducing a "marks bank" so that students do not get stressed out about failing in exams. It allows students to "borrow" marks if they get low scores in order to pass their exams.


The scheme, introduced in Nanjing Number One Secondary School in China's Jiangsu province for 10th grade pupils on a trial basis, has become a talking point in the country.


The scheme was introduced in November last year for 49 students who are in an advanced programme. The BBC reported that the students are being groomed to secure admission to colleges in the US. So far, 13 students have taken part in the scheme.


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