Teachers 'frustrated and angry' as watchdog fee rises

Teachers have taken to social media to vent their frustration in the wake of the 30 per cent rise.


Teachers are calling for Scotland’s teaching watchdog to be ditched or have its remit reduced after it increased registration fees by 30 per cent after reporting a £2 million surplus.


An online survey started by a teacher, quizzing school staff about their response to the hike in General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) fees, attracted 5,000 overwhelmingly negative responses in just a matter of hours.


Athole McLauchlan, a primary teacher, released the results of his survey on Wednesday night. Overall, 4,885 respondents (98 per cent) said they were unhappy with the GTCS’s decision to raise the annual fee from £50 to £65 from April.


Only 94 were “not bothered” and 21 said they backed the increase. On social media, some said the widespread anger about the increase marked a “tipping point” in teachers’ relations with the GTCS.


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