Teachers face £3,000 real terms pay cut by 2020

Teacher pay: State school teachers face a real terms salary cut of more than £3,000 by the end of the decade, according to new research by the TUC.


The TUC’s analysis found that teachers and other public sector workers will experience a 9.3 per cent real terms pay cut if the government sticks to its current pay cap and if inflation is as forecast.


The government has said it will limit public sector pay awards to 1 per cent a year to 2019-20.


The TUC’s research charts this pay growth for a range of public sector jobs with given pay levels against the Office for Budget Responsibility’s latest inflation forecast.


According to its analysis, if inflation continues in line with the OBR’s forecast, then a teacher’s salary of £32,831 in 2015-16 will only be worth £29,767 by 2020-21 in 2016 prices.


This would represent a real terms pay cut of £3,064.


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