More than a third of pupils aged 7-9 can't use joined-up handwriting, survey shows

Teachers say handwriting is losing time to other subjects in the curriculum.


More than a third of children aged between 7 and 9 do not yet know how to use joined-up handwriting, a survey reveals.


And a third of teachers say that handwriting standards are slipping, as more time is devoted to other subjects than to learning to write well.


The survey of 1,008 parents of primary-aged children and 251 primary teachers found that 37 per cent of seven- to nine-year-olds and 28 per cent of children aged 11 or under are not able to use joined-up handwriting to connect the letters of a word.


And 15 per cent of those aged between 9 and 11 are still unable to join up a word.


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