'There are many barriers to London's continued educational success'

The recruitment crisis, funding cuts and rocketing pupil numbers are all very real problems for London's schools, writes one researcher.


The Mayor of London has today published his first Annual London Education Report. The report, produced by the Education Policy Institute, explores all aspects of educating young people in the capital; from childcare and the early years, through to apprenticeships and entry into the labour market.

The report highlights, once again, that pupils in the capital are among the highest performing in the country. Indeed, in 2016, London was the top performing region at both primary and secondary level and by the end of secondary school. This means that pupils in London achieved a sixth of a grade higher in each GCSE subject than pupils with similar prior attainment nationally. To put that into context, pupils in the next highest performing region, the East of England, achieved around one thirtieth of a grade higher than pupils with similar prior attainment nationally.  


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