Revealed: One third of nursery pupils are exposed to dangerous levels of air pollution at school

20 per cent of primary schools in areas with dangerous nitrogen dioxide levels. 16 cities in Britain breach levels considered to be dangerous for human health. Sadiq Khan announced a £10 'toxicity charge' for cars more than a decade old.


Tens of thousands of children are exposed to dangerous levels of air pollution at school, researchers have found.


Some 802 of the 3,261 educational institutions in London – including colleges and nurseries – are in areas with illegally high levels of nitrogen dioxide, according to a study commissioned by the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan.


Conducted by King’s College London and environmental data analysts Aether, the study showed that 33 per cent of nurseries, 20 per cent of primaries, 18 per cent of secondary schools and 43 per cent of further education colleges are in areas where nitrogen dioxide levels are high enough to threaten children’s health.


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