'The rush to shore up English and maths is leaving those of us who teach subjects dismissed as "wishy-washy" are losing our jobs'

Changing curriculum priorities and a focus on flexible working is beneficial to some, but leaves others without job security, says one citizenship teacher.


Those of us with expendable and rare specialisms, like citizenship, are on the edges of the discourse about recruitment and retention. No one seems to know our plight or to be on our side. We flit from job to job, settling for work with little security (a term here and a maternity contract there) or positions that are too far away or too expensive to get to, just so that we can stay in the profession that we love.


The focus of the debate about the recruitment crisis is always on those subjects with shortages. We have a national curriculum in name only: with academies not having to follow it and schools under pressure to push for results in core subjects, like English and maths, those subjects that many in education see as "wishy-washy" are being sidelined.


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