'School league tables are driving teachers and leaders to destruction'

Too many schools get caught up in the pressure to play the numbers game. But there is another way – I've discovered a school that prioritises staff and pupil wellbeing because it knows good results will follow, writes one education consultant-turned-teacher.


“You're only as good as your last gig” is a cliche which one “superhead” jokingly shared when describing the rat race which our education system has become.


As the guffaws subsided, sadness crept over me because the pressure to play the numbers game with exam results has led many principled individuals to go up against their own principles.


As Ofsted’s new chief inspector, Amanda Spielman, deftly put it the other day: too many schools have a dangerously "corrosive culture" which can be seen in the way some of our most dynamic and passionate educator-leaders have been tripped up by them.


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