New method for visually presenting complex data distributions

A new method for visually presenting complex data distributions provides a much-needed tool for management, analysis and interpretation.


As it becomes easier and cheaper to monitor and record information at ever-finer resolutions in time and space, the data sets used by scientists, engineers and managers become larger and more complex. This complexity renders inadequate the tools traditionally used to visually summarize data. Now a KAUST researcher has helped to devise an analogous approach to data visualization that promises to make even complex, multidimensional data sets more accessible and informative.


"As technology advances, the measurement of complex data that varies over time or space is becoming prevalent in many fields, including medicine, ecology, biology, biometrics, bioinformatics, computer vision and finance," said Ying Sun, Professor of Applied Mathematics and Computational Science. "There has been much progress in the development of statistical analysis tools to handle complex data; however, much less attention has been given to visualization, which is an integral step in exploratory data analysis."


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