Hosting weddings, setting up nurseries, sharing furniture: how schools are making ends meet

Schools will have to be more "entrepreneurial" to balance budgets next year, a survey has suggested.


Schools are having to find more inventive ways to raise money in the face of huge budget cuts - including hosting weddings, setting up nurseries and sharing furniture, a survey has revealed.


The survey, taken from the The Key’s upcoming annual State of Education report and weighted by Ipsos MORI, shows more than a third of school leaders say they will have to lose teaching posts to balance their budgets in  2017-18.


However, almost half (45 per cent) of leaders having to make savings expect to see more resourcefulness in their school as a result.


Some schools are planning to lease school buildings and facilities (42 per cent), build partnerships with local businesses (13 per cent) and set up on-site nursery provision (10 per cent).


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