Exclusive: 'I don't want to be education secretary again,' says Michael Gove

Speaking exclusively to Tes, Michael Gove says that he has no regrets about the policy decisions he made during his controversial tenure at the Department for Education.


Michael Gove has said he would not take the job of education secretary if he was offered it for a second time.


In an exclusive interview in today's Tes magazine about his legacy, the former secretary of state for education also said that he did not regret labelling some of his opponents as “the Blob” and “enemies of promise”.


Asked whether he would have a second stint as education secretary if he was offered the chance, Mr Gove responded: “I don’t think so, no.


“I had four years doing it, I wouldn’t like – six years after I was appointed – trade union leaders to suffer another nervous moment. I have too much regard for their health and welfare to want to inflict that on them.


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