Exclusive: Church of England not interested in opening new grammar schools

The chief education officer of the Church of England also tells Tes that all schools – religious or not – would benefit from having a chaplain on the staff.


The Church of England is not interested in opening any grammar schools, despite Theresa May’s plans to reintroduce selection, according to its chief education officer.


The CofE currently operates 4,700 schools, but plans to open an additional 125 free schools by 2020 – more than a quarter of the total number planned for that period.


But, asked whether the CofE had any plans to open grammar schools, Nigel Genders told Tes: “We’ve been very clear that, because we think every child is important, we want to develop more schools that are meeting the needs of all pupils, irrespective of whether they’ve got high academic ability or not.


“How do we provide a school where there isn’t currently enough education for the children in the area, and meet the pupils’ needs? That’s our priority. And that means opening schools for the whole community.


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