‘For just a few days this Easter, dear teachers, please step away from the workload’

Please, please, please try to forget the feckless parents, digitally-addled teenagers, new GCSE grades, funding crises and the rest, writes one celebrated head.


One thing I’ve learned recently about writing and blogging on education: if you want to be widely quoted and vigorously retweeted, make a strong traditionalist statement. And if possible, sound exceedingly grumpy about it.


I should know. A couple of weekends ago my Tes column applauded recent research debunking the idea of delaying the start of the school day in order to accommodate teenagers’ sleep habits. Okay, so my advice to youngsters took the tone, “That’s life. Deal with it!”, but I wasn’t actually irritable.


Nonetheless, my piece was accompanied by a stock picture of me looking uncharacteristically miserable (see above), and the piece gained a fair bit of traction.


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