Regional disparities could hamper efforts to turn around struggling schools, report finds

NFER researchers question whether some regional schools commissioners have the capacity to help schools.


Disparities between the number of under-performing schools in different parts of the country could hamper efforts to support them in some regions, a new report has warned.


An analysis by the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER), published today, found that 21.2 per cent of schools in the East Midlands and the Humber were under-performing, compared to 16.1 per cent in the North of England.


The authors said this highlighted the different challenges faced by the eight regional school commissioners (RSCs), who are responsible for taking action when schools are not good enough.


Number of under-performing schools varies


They said: "These disparities in workload could affect the RSCs' ability to tackle under-performance as effectively as is needed.”


The report added: "There are differences between RSC regions in the number of schools with serious under-performance issues.


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