'As usual, Katie Hopkins is wrong – the "trend" for speaking openly about mental health must be celebrated'

The surge in people speaking openly about their mental health doesn’t mean they’re all ready to be sectioned, it simply means we need the psychological equivalent of Lemsip and a hot water bottle.


Last week was a landmark one in the world of mental health campaigning. Bryony Gordon, who is virtually royalty to anyone with a dual interest in writing and mental illness, interviewed actual royalty in the form of Prince Harry for her Telegraph podcast.


The Prince revealed the true impact that the death of his mother had on him as a child and that he has since had counselling to help him process what must have been a truly traumatic time.


The response from the public was overwhelmingly positive. Mental health campaigners have been enthusiastically throwing themselves against the brick wall of historic social stigma for years now, yet to have a person so high-profile add their voice to the cause was a metaphorical wrecking ball.


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