Marketing graduate turns language tutor to become a huge YouTube hit teaching the world the quirks of English (like how to swear properly, and what on earth is Pimms?)

A marketing graduate has become an internet sensation - and earns £30,000-a-year in advertising - by teaching the world the quirks of English on YouTube.


Lucy Earl, from Bedfordshire, turned down a number of job offers when she graduated from the University of Westminster and decided to continue with her YouTube channel, which teaches English language and culture - including swear words.


English With Lucy now has more than 350,000 subscribers from all over world, who ask her questions about life in Britain, how to pronounce words and popular sayings and phrases. 


Ms Earl, 22, set up the business with a £500 loan from her father. She bought a tripod and camera, taught herself how to shoot and about lighting and now earns more than the average teacher through advertising.


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