Divisive NUS president Malia Bouattia defeated in election

The controversial president of the National Union of Students has been comfortably defeated at election by a candidate who called for a new NUS.


In a three-way race, the union’s vice-president for further education, Shakira Martin, unexpectedly beat Malia Bouattia. Bouattia became the first black Muslim woman to hold the office last year, but her term has been dogged by allegations of anti-semitism, which she strongly denies.


Martin also beat outsider Tom Harwood, who accused the existing leadership of being far left.


On Wednesday, 56% of the vote went to 28-year-old Martin. She gained 402 votes from 721 delegates – 130 more than Bouattia, arguably one of the most divisive figures in the NUS’s history. Harwood took 35 votes.


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