Green Party would ‘scrap tuition fees’ and pay for them with corporation tax

The Green Party would scrap university tuition fees in England if the party was elected to Government in the 2017 General Election.


Greens co-leader Jonathan Bartley said the policy would be paid for by restoring the cuts to corporation tax, which have seen a “massive slashing” since 2010. The tax would also restore maintenance grants for student living costs, he said.


The proposed policy was about “investing in the next generation”, Mr Bartley told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.


‘The future we want for children’


When questioned about whether it was right to scrap tuition fees in pursuit of social justice, Mr Bartley said: “It’s about the kind of future we want to give to our children. My daughter just turned 18 yesterday, she’s facing going to university hopefully and coming out with a debt around £45,000, £50,000.”


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