Theresa May’s obsession with immigration betrays her weakness

In rejecting a move to exclude foreign students from immigration targets the prime minister has shown a worrying lack of flexibility.


What do we really know of the tight-lipped prime minister about to sweep all before her for the next five long years? Very little. No debates, no scrutiny, avoiding encounters with press and public, we have only her repetitive mantras buzzing like wasps on the eardrum.


That’s the plan. Keep her under wraps for six weeks and let no one penetrate beyond the steely countenance that looks so formidably “strong and stable” in well-managed imagery. What are they afraid of? What might be revealed? Possibly that behind the picture of the distant headteacher in her study there lurks considerably less, a certain vacancy, a lack of political ideas, language or imagination once she departs from stock phrases and scripted speeches. Just not a lot there.


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