Strong college strike in Scotland as EIS Fela members tell bosses, “Honour the deal!”

Over 4,600 lecturers across 20 further education colleges in Scotland struck today, Thursday. They have a simple message to their employers—“honour the deal” agreed 13 months ago.


From Galashiels in the south to the Orkney and Shetland Islands in the north, EIS Fela union members took action.


In the north strikers protested against bosses who have rejected national bargaining. The strike saw classes cancelled everywhere and big, angry picket lines.


Bosses’ group Colleges Scotland brazenly claimed that lecturers “are striking to get more money for less work”. It said the union was “standing between lecturers and an average pay rise of 9 percent”.


EIS Fela president and West College lecturer John Kelly told Socialist Worker these claims were “like a tweet from Donald Trump—alternative facts”. He added, “I work in one of the biggest colleges and lecturers here will get a 1 percent rise in pay.” For many others it’s also a lot less than 9 percent.


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