Girl’s open letter shows how much stress children are under from exams

There can’t be many people who will look back at their GCSEs with fond memories.


But spare a thought for those sitting them this year who not only face a load of exams to worry about but also three new GCSEs with a whole new grading system.


And those concerns are explained in full detail in a Facebook post by Year 11 pupil Emma Jameson who not only says her classmates are ‘exhausted’ but are also regularly ‘breaking down’ in lessons.


She says that things have got so bad that it is not uncommon to see ‘pupils crying in the toilets’.


‘Of course I can’t speak on behalf of everyone my age, but in my school, everyone’s mental health isn’t exactly tip top,’ she writes.


‘Despite support from teachers, they know there isn’t much they can do as it is the government that puts pressure on them.’


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