Spruce up your student home: a gardener's guide

So you have your first student home. Chances are it’s a looking a bit drab: all magnolia walls and wobbly Ikea furniture – and your posters and fairy lights don’t seem to improve the mood much either. My go-to solution? Plants. Not only do they beautify your home, they also pump out oxygen while de-stressing you. Gardening can make for good therapy [pdf], reducing anxiety and improving concentration – things you could do with come exam season.


Easy houseplants


Let’s start with the easiest. Geraniums are one of my favourite flowers – and it always helps that they can cope with being forgotten and unwatered for weeks. Stick one on your window sill and your room will instantly become a nicer place to be. The more the better, in my opinion, although my housemates did ask whether we really needed a houseful. Of course we did.


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