Teachers Flock To London To Protest At Pearson AGM

TEACHERS from around the world will protest today at a meeting in London of a transnational company that takes advantage of foreign aid funds to profit from fee-paying schools in Africa and Asia.


Teachers from Britain, the US, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Denmark and New Zealand will rally outside the annual general meeting of Pearson, the world’s largest education business.


The unions represent more than a million teachers. Campaigning with them will be charities Global Justice Now and Action Aid.


Pearson has funded Bridge International Academies, a “low-fee” private school chain that charges poor families more than half their income for education — around £4 a month per child.


The schools — also bankrolled by tech tycoons Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and the World Bank — employ unqualified staff that use a highly scripted, standardised curriculum to maximise profits.


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