Holidays and games consoles – how parents reward pupils for passing exams

YouGov poll finds that the average exam reward from parents will be worth £205.


More than three-quarters of parents have promised their child a reward if they do well in their exams this year, according to a new poll. 


With Sats, GCSEs and A levels season underway, the YouGov survey of parents with children sitting exams this year reveals they are gearing up to spend an average of £205 on gifts. The rewards will range from cash and new technology – such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones and games consoles – to a holiday or day out.


The poll of nearly 1,200 parents found that 78 per cent have told their children that they’ll reward them if they do well in their exams. Sixty-three per cent will vary what they offer depending on grades, and 51 per cent say their children expect to be rewarded for getting good grades.


More than a third of the parents questioned (37 per cent) are happy to reward their children irrespective.


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