Nicola Sturgeon 'determined' to improve education

Nicola Sturgeon has denied Ruth Davidson's claims that the SNP has ignored education while pushing for an independence referendum.


Nicola Sturgeon has said that falling literacy standards in Scottish schools made her "utterly determined" to press on with education reforms.


The latest Scottish survey of literacy and numeracy showed reading and writing skills have declined.


Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson asked whether the first minister was "embarrassed, ashamed or both" by the statistics.


Ms Sturgeon said she would "carry on with the changes we're making".


The literacy statistics, which were published by the Scottish government on Tuesday, showed that fewer than half of Scotland's 13 and 14-year-olds are able to write well.


The writing performance of P4 and P7 pupils has also dropped, while the reading ability of P4, P7 and S2 pupils remains broadly similar to 2014 - but lower than 2012.


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