Nicky Morgan: Conservatives have put mental health at the front and centre of election campaign

The Conservatives are proposing a new Mental Health Treatment Bill which would support mental health programmes in schools and workplaces, as well as providing 10,000 new mental health professionals in the NHS by 2020, says Nicky Morgan.


In the heat of an election campaign no candidate wants to tempt fate by thinking ahead to what they might do if finally elected. It wasn’t until I’d arrived in Westminster and realised the extraordinary power of MPs to work together to change attitudes as well as the law that I decided mental health would be a topic I would focus on. 


I was honoured in 2012 to lead the ground-breaking general debate in the House of Commons on mental health, with Charles Walker, during which a number of MPs shared their own mental health struggles. As Education Secretary I was able to make it clear to the Department for Education that mental health was something we had to support schools in dealing with. I was determined schools should talk to pupils about their wellbeing, we should pilot ways of schools and clinical commissioning groups working together and prioritise counselling. But there was always much, much more to do.


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