GCSEs and A-levels: how are young people coping with exam stress?

Figures show a rise in calls to Childline about exams. We want to hear from teachers, counsellors, students and parents about how pupils are coping.


A growing number of students are seeking counselling because of exam stress, according to the children’s charity Childline. The charity said that it had provided 3,135 counselling sessions over the last year, helping pupils to cope with exam pressure. That is the equivalent to almost nine a day.


The exam season is just about to begin, with younger pupils across England take their Sats this week. Teenagers are also prepare for upcoming GCSEs and A-levels.


But many sitting their GCSEs in particular face new challenges this year with a different grading system having been put in place. The new 9-1 system is replacing the old A*-U letter grades for some subjects. This is already thought to have caused stress among students, with reports of them crying in the toilets and breaking down in class.


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