Three-quarters of primary teachers feel under pressure to work when ill

Most UK primary teachers put in hours of overtime, often at evenings and during the holidays, survey shows.


Almost three-quarters of primary teachers feel under pressure to go to work when they are ill, a new survey shows.


And similar numbers regularly work overtime, with many saying that they sacrifice family or social commitments in order to make sure all their work is done.


The poll of 1,500 UK primary teachers shows that 76 per cent work beyond their agreed hours, with 48 per cent regularly working more than one extra hour a day. One in 10 admitted to working three or more hours of unpaid overtime every day.


These working hours meant inevitable sacrifice. Four in 10 primary teachers – 42 per cent – go into school to work during the holidays, the survey by recruitment consultancy Randstad shows. Sixteen per cent regularly work at weekends and 72 per cent said that they feel under pressure to go into work, even when they are feeling unwell.


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