Teachers in Wales urged to stay positive in face of disappointing PISA outcomes

Teachers in Wales must not let publicity around poor PISA results “gnaw away at self- confidence and belief”, a leading UK education expert has warned.


Ty Goddard, co-founder of the Education Foundation, said he sensed a real feeling of “renewed confidence” and a “palpable sense of progress, reflection and focus on practice” in Wales.


Writing ahead of the Education Foundation’s first conference in Wales, he highlighted the “sharper focus on school standards” under the School Challenge Cymru scheme. He stated: “It is obvious too that we also need to develop and support teachers and leaders, so they can properly support and inspire our children and young people.”


He stressed that as reforms take place, schools must keep parents and communities informed. “To truly build an education nation, changes across education need to be explained, understood and supported across our community,” he stated.


He said schools must not become pessimistic because of Wales’ disappointing results in the PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) tests of 2009 and 2015.


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