Tories say at least 100 private schools must sponsor academies

The Conservative Party manifesto says independent schools could face losing tax breaks that come with charitable status if they do not cooperate.


At least 100 leading private schools will be expected to sponsor academies or set up free schools if the Conservative Party wins the election. 


The Tory manifesto, launched today, says the party will "keep open the option of changing the tax status of independent schools if progress is not made".


The election pledge follows the government's Green Paper, which said that the best independent schools would be expected to sponsor state schools and offer funded places – or face losing benefits associated with charitable status.


The consultation paper, entitled Schools That Work for Everyone, proposed that "independent schools with the capacity and capability" should sponsor an academy or set up a new free school  – or offer a certain proportion of places as fully funded bursaries to those who are unable to pay fees. 


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