'Primary Sats are a cancerous growth on our education system. It is time to cut this growth out'

There is another way to do primary assessment: one that involves trusting teachers to measure pupil progress and then work together to improve the whole education system, writes one celebrated head.


And so the dreaded Sats are over for another year. Over yes, but we are no closer to seeing them ditched forever.


Isn't it time for us to realise that there is a better way to find out what our children know? Primary Sats have become a cancerous growth on our education system, gradually poisoning each part of it. It is time to cut this growth out.


Why? They don’t improve education or raise standards at cohort-level, they actually have a negative impact on some pupils’ learning, they narrow the primary curriculum and they affect pupil wellbeing.


Surely we can do better. We need an assessment system that supports children in their learning as well as identifying their attainment and future learning needs. This is not obtained from Sats in their current formulation.


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