Exclusive: More than £500K to bring 49 teachers back to the profession

The failure of a scheme that encourages former teachers to return to the classroom is being partly blamed on the high number of requests for flexible hours.


A government recruitment scheme aimed at persuading more than 1,000 people back into teaching resulted in just 49 returning to the classroom, official figures reveal.


The failure of the Department for Education’s Supporting Returning Teachers pilot scheme has been blamed at least partly on requests for flexible hours.


The DfE figures, obtained through a freedom of information request, reveal that 62 schools took part in the pilot, which ran from September 2015 to the autumn term of 2016, and offered 1,062 tailored training places.


But just 426 teachers were recruited to the various training schemes and, by the November 2016 cut-off point, only 49 of them were in employment.


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