Chinese Moutai University to offer liquor degree

The world's most valuable alcoholic beverage company is setting up a university to allow hundreds of students to study the science of liquor.


The Chinese state-run Kweichow Moutai company is to open Moutai University in the city of Renhuai in the country's southern Guangzhou Province as soon as it receives its accreditation from the Ministry of Education, the South China Morning Post reports.


The 600 students, initially drawn from the local area, will be able to study courses such as wine-making, food quality and food safety on a 13-hectare (32 acres) campus. It cost 1.9bn yuan ($28m; £21.7m) to set up, the majority of the money coming from Kweichow Moutai.


South China Morning Post says that the Chinese liquor industry has long suffered a skills shortage, and the university is seen as a means of attracting new recruits.


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