'The election result suggests that the education funding cuts genie is out of the political bottle'

Voters might have been used to the idea of austerity, but the funding cuts being experienced in schools was something new.


The story of austerity was key to last night’s election result – and the deep, biting funding cuts being experienced by schools played a big part in that campaign narrative.


The unlikely Conservative victory in 2015 proved that pretty much everyone has become used to the idea of austerity – and the near-constant background noise of NHS funding problems. But what was new about election 2017 was the story of school cuts.


The issue climbed incredibly quickly from relative obscurity to become the joint-third most important issue to voters.


Theresa May’s government completely lost control of the “story” when it came to schools – this was supposed to be the election in which she promoted the idea of social mobility through more selection.


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