Schoolgirl, 16, escaped Grenfell Tower fire inferno - then sat her GCSE Chemistry exam

A 16-year-old girl has spoken of how she escaped the Grenfell Tower fire inferno just hours before sitting a GCSE Chemistry exam.


Inêz Alves described how her Dad "burst the door open" to wake her up, before she fled from the burning building with only a few clothes, her phone and revision notes.


The student had lived in the 1970s tower block with her family for 11 years.


Speaking to ITV's This Morning of the moment the fire engulfed the block of flats, she said: “I was asleep at the time, my dad burst the door open and told me to wake up, (he said) that there was a fire in the building.


"So I grabbed the closest clothes I had, jeans and a jumper, and I left with my phone and my chemistry notes. We went down the stairs, and managed to escape.”


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