'Continuing the 1 per cent pay cap for teachers will only exacerbate the already raging retention crisis'

Austerity seems to have won the day, at least for now, for teachers, with Theresa May deciding to stick to the public sector pay cap. But how long is this sustainable?


Gone is the prime minister’s claim to strength and stability. In her weakened state, her cabinet ministers bicker in public and break ranks. And the seven-year wall of pay restraint, imposed first by the coalition government, and then retained by the Conservatives, has begun to crumble as firefighters are offered a 2 per cent pay rise.


Yesterday the School Teachers’ Review Body recommended a 2 per cent increase for some teachers and has made it clear that all teachers will need increases of more than 1 per cent because schools are facing "substantial pressure" in recruiting and retaining the staff they need. 


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