Mental health: one in four 14-year-old girls is depressed

And one in 10 boys is also suffering from depression, according to UCL Institute of Education research

One in four schoolgirls is depressed by the age of 14, new research has shown.

And one in 10 boys is depressed at the same age.

Researchers from the UCL Institute of Education and the University of Liverpool analysed information on the mental health of more than 10,000 children born between 2000 and 2001.


They found that, based on the teenagers’ reporting of their emotional problems, 24 per cent of girls and 9 per cent of boys suffered from depression by the time they were 14 years old.


By contrast, boys were more likely than girls to have behavioural problems – such as acting out, fighting or rebelliousness – throughout childhood and early adolescence.


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