Church of England calls for RE to have same prominence as science

Schools should teach pupils about all faiths and allow them to form their “own conclusions about life’s big questions”, Britain’s leading secular body has said.


The comments by Humanists UK – which are backed by the Church of England’s chief education officer – came ahead the publication of an interim report into overhauling the teaching of religious education, or RE.


Andrew Copson, chief executive of Humanist UK, said: “Education about religious and humanist beliefs is vitally important for any child growing up in Britain today.


“But if that education isn’t effective, if it excludes people with certain beliefs, if it glosses over difference or equally fails to emphasise shared values, if it presents only a simplistic, shop-window version of religion and belief, or doesn’t allow children to come to their own conclusions about life’s big questions, then it isn’t doing the job.”

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