Struggling schools need an extra £2bn a year, heads tell Hammond

A headteachers' union has written to the chancellor calling for more money as parents across the country plan a day of protest over squeezed school funds.


Chancellor of the exchequer Philip Hammond has come under pressure to give billions in extra funding to schools in his forthcoming autumn Budget.


In a letter to the chancellor released this morning, Paul Whiteman, general secretary of the NAHT headteachers' union, warns that schools "do not have enough money” and “budgets are being pushed beyond breaking point.”


The letter pays tribute to the Department for Education for having “dug deep” and found an additional £1.3bn for schools funding, but says this is not enough to bridge the funding gap – with an additional £2bn a year needed.


The letter states: “Our own estimates are that in the light of growing pupil numbers and the GDP deflator published by the Office of Budget Responsibility to estimate general inflation over the period 2015-16 to 2019-20, schools will need at least an additional £2billion a year to retain the same level of funding in real terms as they received in 2015-16.”


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