Frozen Tuition Fees Leave Me Feeling Cold

Before Conservative Party Conference began in Manchester on Sunday there were rumblings in the media of a huge announcement on tuition fees, maintenance grants, interest rates and higher education. After weeks of soul searching from the Conservative Party about how they attract the youth vote, I packed my suitcase on Saturday night with high expectations and an open mind. What actually materialised wasn’t quite what I’d hoped for.


Freezing of tuition fees at the pricey total of £9,250 a year and the slightly better rise in the repayment threshold. There was also some talk about a ‘review’ - which was immediately denied. The Conservative party tried to describe this tinkering as ‘revolutionary’. If I could sum up T May’s announcement in one word, it would be: underwhelming. If I could use two words, they would be: significantly underwhelming.


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