'Charge parents £500 a year to boost school funds' says former adviser

Former government adviser Sir Andrew Carter says schools should raise money to improve education by encouraging private sector involvement and calling on parents to donate £500 a year 
Financial contributions from parents to state schools could be the answer to funding cuts, a former government adviser has suggested.

Sir Andrew Carter, chief executive of the South Farnham Educational Trust, suggested that schools should be allowed to ask for around £500 a year from parents to fund additional facilities, to bring them into line with those provided in independent schools.

Allowing schools to attract private sector investment to make improvements would make it easier to ask for these donations, as parents could see they were getting something extra, he said.

Sir Andrew, who chaired a government-commissioned report into teacher training in 2014, added: “Remember this is a government searching for ways to fund a complicated system.”

Schools are expected to face cuts of up to 8 per cent over the next parliament, according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS).

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